Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Stanley Maxwell on YouTube

Check out clips from my band Stanley Maxwell's performance at the Powder Mill Barn in Enfield from May 31, 2003 on YouTube:

Setlist includes original tunes "Not Yet", "Bono's Squandering", "No Good Reasons", "Mousetrap", "Tie Machine", and the world premiere of "Freak Mama Dippin'"; plus covers of Jaco Pastorius' "Continuum" and Weather Report's classic "Birdland".

Footage taped by Brian Freeman, who gives exposure to Connecticut entertainers, encouraging support of the industry through the public access program "Something Different" on Nutmeg TV.

(You can also watch his clips of The Breakfast, Max Creek, Mystery Feet, The Grapes of Vaudevillian Fantasy, Scharisma, The Pete Sheips Band, Depth Quartet, Flipper Dave, Dr. Juice and Shortness.)

Stanley Maxwell on MySpace

Listen to some of my band Stanley Maxwell's tunes on MySpace:

Clips include "Tie Machine" and "Man Girn" from Ultimate Billiards in Berlin, Connecticut on April 8, 2004; "Sully's Jam > No Good Reasons" from Sully's Pub at Lena's in Hartford, Connecticut on January 2, 2004, "The Swamp" recorded in the summer of 2004, plus our independently-produced debut studio album Don't Wake The Baby! © ® available for purchase directly from the website.